I am a terrestrial artist and creative technologist born in China and currently live in New York. I create interactive installations, websites, and generative art with computational media. My main focus is how interactive media can expand human sensory experience and rethink us humans’ relationship to nature.

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A Cloud


Arduino, stepper motor, LIDAR, customized hanging system

Collabrated with Chenbo Xing at ITP
One ordinary afternoon, I was walking on the street. A gust of wind raised a plastic bag — soft, frivolous, inattentive, floating in the air. The plastic lifted and swam into a sunbeam, rendering itself  translucent, billowing like a cloud.

What do we imagine when we think of a cloud in a climate change era?

In this project, a mechanized spatial system controls a transparent plastic bag. This system enables it to deform and flow according to the viewer’s movement. An LIDAR scanning system positioned in the corner provides position data to the microcontroller.

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