Left To Feel That Wind


longLeft To Feel That Wind is an installation that explores the perception of time stretched across both geological and human scales, through the lens of transformation between the Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville.

The installation features a intricate hand-layered reimagining of Lake Bonneville, spanning 8 x 18 feet, with its primary material: salt, sand, and water. The interpretative landscape fuses topographic and geologic knowledge, changing over time where water meets the salt-scape.

The Great Salt Lake, depicted by a computer numerically controlled (CNC) system, captures at its lowest water level in November 2022 as a result of climate change. Water drops slowly and evenly from the CNC system, symbolizing the concept of precise time we humans construct and possess in the Great Acceleration.

The water permeates into the landscape of salt and sand, gradually evaporating under the gallery’s climate, leaving a temporal trace signifies human impact on the environment. The ephemeral contour, along with its surrounding pattern of cracks expands an experience from spatial-scale to an awareness of time-scale on site, resonating with the passage of industrial time and deep time.

The shifting salt-scape, with its multifold substance, remains unstable within the space, offering a view on the progressive evolution of inert matter and the delicate balance of the Earth. Through a contemplative depiction of the Great Salt Lake’s new shoreline, this installation provides a space reflecting on the broader human influence in the Anthropocene era.

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Technical Details

The water dripping mechanism comprises an computer numerically controlled (CNC) system, paired with a custom-designed water pumping system. The system running on G-Code from an open source software. These components are mounted on a plywood base, then suspended from the ceiling using speedrail tubes for secure attachment and optimal functionality.

Transient Surface

An artist book interweaves the temporal scales of geology and humanity through photography from the Great Salt Lake and my installations. 

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